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Jason Reis Throp WI
Jason W. Reis, CPA
715-409-2057 or
715-669-5352 ext. 1009
Jason's Bio

Jason has a BBA in Accounting from UWEC. He has been with Reis & Reis since September 2000 and
currently a Partner.

Jason’s greatest accomplishment is his relationship with God and his marriage to Michelle. They are both intertwined.

When asked what the biggest misconception people have about his job, his response was, that I only do tax planning and preparation. I am primarily a forward thinking business consultant and advisor, with a very diverse skill set in all areas of business.

Jason’s most important lesson learned in life so far: Make a point to understand the challenges other people face. It sheds light on how best to help them.

Outside of work, some of his spare-time activities/hobbies include: Bible studies, church, playing guitar, music, movies, tv shows, sports and travel.

Jared Reis Thorp WI
Jared J. Reis, EA
715-409-2055 or
715-669-5352 ext. 1008
Jared's Bio

Jared started with Reis & Reis as a seasonal income tax preparer in 2003 and became a Partner with his brothers in 2020. He has a Bachelor’s degree from UWEC in Management Information Systems (MIS). MIS briefly is computer programming with an emphasis on business. In 2015, he earned his Enrolled Agent (EA) status.

When asked what the biggest misconception people have about his job, he responded with, knowing the tax laws inside and out. Tax laws are numerous and complicated. I find myself researching multiple topics annually. This research adds value I can provide. Continuing education is an absolute necessity in this industry.

Most important lesson in life is the ongoing lesson of faith & trust in God. I was lost for years. We are all fallible. Pushing by past mistakes is part of the growing process.

Outside of work, Jared likes to travel. He is married and they have one child.

Photo Christina Urban Thorp WI
Christina L. Urban, CPA
Tax Manager

Christina's Bio

Chris is a Seasonal Tax Manager and has been with Reis & Reis since 2013. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with a CPA license.

Chris says the biggest misconception people have about being an accountant is that you have to be really good at math.

Her greatest accomplishment is paying off her house before age 40 and creating a space where she can teach her boys how to enjoy nature and be self-sufficient.

Outside of work, Chris likes growing vegetables and flowers in her garden, kayaking, training her dog and spending time with her husband and two boys.

Denise Thrams

Denise R. Thrams, EA
Tax Manager
715-254-0917 or
715-669-5352 ext. 1004

Denise's Bio

Denise has been a Tax Manager with Reis & Reis since September 2021. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and is an Enrolled Agent (EA).

The biggest misconception about my job is that this profession is boring. There are so many different types of businesses we get to learn about and different tax situations with every client, which makes no two days on the job exactly alike.

When asked what she cannot leave home without, my purse. Too much stuff in there that I “might” need.

When not at work, Denise enjoys baking, going to casinos with her mother and sister, crafting, DYI house projects and especially traveling. She also loves spending time with her family when possible.

Shayla Kutz-Davis Thorp WI
Shayla Kutz-Davis
Tax Manager
715-409-2056 or
715-669-5352 ext. 1006
Shayla's Bio

Shayla is a Tax Manager and has been with Reis & Reis since November 2017. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from UWEC.

The most important lesson learned in life so far is to never doubt yourself. You may not seem like you are where you feel you should be in life, but everything works out just as it should, as long as you don’t give up and keep pushing forward.

Outside of work, Shayla can be found with daughter. Her hobbies are going to car shoes/drag races, four-wheeling, camping, fishing, hunting and horseback riding.

Samantha C Wilson CPA Thorp
Samantha C. Wilson, CPA
Accounting Manager
715-254-0881 or
715-669-5352 ext. 1010
Samantha's Bio
Samantha started with Reis & Reis in September 2023. She attended Lakeland University receiving her Bachelor degree in Accounting and then her Masters.
The biggest misconception about my job is that accountants do two things; accounting service work and taxes.
Accountants can do so much more such as cash flow analysis, project/capital expenditure analysis and assist with business operations planning.
When asked what Samantha cannot leave home without, her response was: my phone!! I would be lost if I left this at home, literally. The amount of times I use google maps is probably alarming!

The most important lesson learned in life so far is focusing on your career isn’t everything. Remember to take a step back and embrace the world around us: nature, family, friends and moments.
When Samantha was younger she always thought she would be a teacher. As time progressed that transitioned to a children’s social worker. After some research she decided she wanted to be more of a child’s advocate versus a social worker. Once she took her first accounting course she pivoted and decided it clicked and that was going to be her career. Her future goal is to become a child’s advocate on the side.

Photo of Karla Stoner Thorp WI
Karla J. Stoner
Senior Accountant
715-669-5494 or
715-669-5352 ext. 1005
Karla's Bio
Karla has been with Reis & Reis since June 2014 and is a Senior Accountant. She received an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from North Dakota State College of Science.

Her greatest accomplishment is her relationship with her husband and family makes her most proud.

Most important lesson learned in life so far: Enjoy the time you are given on this earth with the people who make you the happiest.

Outside of work, her greatest joy is spending time with her daughter and grandsons, she also enjoys gardening & spending time with her husband kayaking or ATV riding.

Krista Haas Thorp Office

Krista H. Haas
Office Manager
715-669-5456 or
715-669-5352 ext. 1001

Krista's Bio
Krista has been with Reis & Reis since 2017 as the Office Manager. She has an Associate’s Degree in Health Information Technology from CVTC, but after having kids, found a change in profession and blessed to be where she is today.

Her greatest accomplishment is her family. Her and her husband, Lance have 3 children who bring so much joy to their lives.

The one thing Krista cannot leave home without is her Burt’s Bees lip balm.

Outside of work, Krista can be found in her garden, canning in her kitchen, reading, traveling or enjoying the outdoors.

Brianne Hallin Thorp Office
Brianne L. Hallin
Staff Accountant
Brianne's Bio
Brianne is currently a Staff Accountant and has worked with Reis & Reis since December 2019.

When asked what she cannot leave home without, she responded with a Bubbl’r drink – they’re my favorite!

Most important lesson learned in life so far is putting myself first. It’s hard to do at first, but once I learned it’s okay to take time for myself and my needs, I’ve noticed a big difference.

Outside of work, she can be found camping or doing thigs with friends on the weekends, but especially likes to read and be outside as much as possible.

Kayce Haas Thorp

Kayce J. Haas
Seasonal Administrative Assistant

Kayce's Bio
Kayce has been with Reis & Reis since 2013 and is currently an Administrative Assistant. She holds a BA in Psychology, nothing to do with tax, but everything to do with people.

She is most proud of the children her and her husband have raised. “They are much better little Christians than I ever was at their age.”

Kayce cannot leave home without her phone, she has 3 kids that always need to get a hold of her!

Outside of work, Kayce is a Mom to 3 kids. Their family loves to fish, swim, boat, 4 wheel, hunt and anything outdoors. She enjoys gardening and canning, as well.